Just what I need ………..

Working bank holiday weekend….not nice….anyway it’s over now and I can relax knowing that I am only in work tuesday and thursday this week. I came back to a work of art!!



The wine was Piat Pere & Fils (Reserve) Sauvignon Blanc ‘dry and crisp with gooseberry fruit aromas’  reduced at Sainsbury’s from £10 to under a fiver!! I recommend it.
The dish is Heather’s signature summer salad dish of; 
Salad Nicoise

Ingredients (serves two)

  • 400g small new potatoes
  • 100g fine green beans , trimmed
  • eggs , as fresh as you can get them – hard boiled
  • 2 Baby Gem lettuces , outside leaves trimmed off – grown in tubs in the conservatory
  • 200g tomatoes , sliced
  • small handful basil leaves
  • 325g piece fresh tuna loin – actually we used tinned tuna
  • Anchovey fillets
  • 100g  Asparagus tips

The Dressing


World Cup fever ……….

If you hadn’t realised World Cup mania is just 12 days away and the pro world cup supporters in our house are 2-1 in my favour. For a bit of fun this year – as we did about 12 years ago – every game we watch we will serve a native dish from either the home or away team playing – which ever being the most complex or most adventurous. I will upload the dishes I will create and prepare on the day for the group stages next week, with actual photo’s of the dish/disaster uploaded on the day of the game. N.B England’s first game is against the USA – there is no way bangers and mash (UK) or burger and chips (USA) will be served. Michelin **** group stage menu to be uploaded next week.


Friday night dog walk………

It’s been another glorious night in Belper. Albeit only about 15 degrees. Me and Heather took an opportunity for a quick photo whilst Poppy awaited her ritual ‘throwing of stone through long grass’ (I was holding the camera). I am working Saturday and Sunday but Alton Towers on wednesday – photos will be uploaded same day.