A day off work..A walk around Carsington Water


A day off work allowed us to enjoy a 9 mile walk around Carsington Water today. A favourite pastime of ours especially on a school day as the place is practically deserted. We always park in the ‘Sheepwash’ car park as it is the only free one out of the three available. The ground staff have been very busy over the last year, re-routing the footpath so it more or less follows the waters edge.

We had a chance today to check out some of the other activities available and may well try them out over the summer. I was also very interested to learn that Carsington Water had ventured into the ‘Electric Bicycle Network’. The network includes a number of hire points in various locations including hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, campsites and of course at popular tourist locations such as Carsington Water. Handy charge points are located at local Cafe’s, pubs and restaurants so you can take a break for a cold beer or bite to eat whilst the bicycles are recharging.

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A Fantastic Day At The Beach


We had a great day out at Cleethorpes, clearly as you can see from the photographs we hit the Pleasure Beach first following by fish and chips and then a wander down the beach. The weather was perfect, 25 degrees! I played about with the shutter speed on my iphone, specifically with the moving rides to get the blurred, moving effect. Also played about with the contrast and warmth of the picture to enhance the colours. Hope you like them