A New Challenge

I’ve been interested in cooking for most of my adult life, There is nothing more enjoyable than experimenting with new foods or learning new techniques from watching foodie programmes. I’ve been craving a new hobby for a few months and then I realised I have one, cooking. It was time to invest a bit more time and resources into my favourite pastime. This idea, like so many ideas, came from being stuck in a rut in life. On an insomnia riddled winter’s night I decided on my next adventure, to cook a local dish from every country in the world! The quest will begin on the 1/1/2015 and will take as long as it takes.

I have a few concerns rattling around in my brain, there was my sixteen year old son and meeting his taste bud requirements can be a little challenging at the best of times. I’m sure we will clash horns along the way, but as always come to some agreeable compromise.

I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and cuisines but doing it full time isn’t an option or feasible at this time of my life, so the internet will predominantly be my knowledge base, or at least until my lottery numbers come up. Cooking a dish from every country in the world seemed like the ideal solution to my cravings for a new adventure in 2015 and beyond. I want authentic ingredients and the routine weekly trip Sainsbury’s is not going to meet my requirements so there will be some traveling involved to specialist markets, food festivals, quirky shops and high end stockists. I’ve decided each meal needed to cost less than £20 – I’m cooking for 2 (+ 1 if teenage son decides to make an appearance), if i can keep well under budget from time to time, I will have the option to bump up the budget for certain countries and/or special occasions.

I’m using Philip’s Atlas of the World as my knowledge base, cooking from countries in alphabetical order. My choice of meals will be based on the ability to find traditional and authentic ingredients (either in person or through the internet) and ultimately I hoped to produce a microblog documenting snippets of the different cuisines from every corner of the world. The fun of cooking for me lies in its archaeology (study of human histories), unearthing arcana (mysteries), procuring necessities (shopping) and then sitting back and enjoying a job well done (chilling with wine).

I hope some of you enjoy the journey…………


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