Wish List – My Top Ten (part one)

(1) Nest – The Learning Thermostat

Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. So Nest learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone. Teach it well and Nest can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%. Only 11% of programmable thermostats are programmed to save energy, but Nest remembers the temperatures you like and builds a schedule for you. It’s so simple that 99% of Nests have schedules.With Auto-Away™, Nest automatically turns to an energy-efficient Away temperature when you’re gone. Use the Nest Mobile app to connect to your thermostat from a smartphone. Getting in early? Change the temperature miles from home.

(2) Dyson Digital Slim

DC44 is the latest Dyson Digital Slim™ cordless vacuum. It has 20 minutes of run time, and is balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. The motorised cleaner head has twice the power of the original DC35 cleaner head, and the brush bar has carbon fibre filaments for removing fine dust from hard floors. The Dyson digital motor, fade-free battery and Root Cyclone™ technology combine to provide powerful, constant suction.

(3) SAMSUNG UE46F8000 Smart 3D 46″ LED TV

Combining the latest Smart TV features and industry-leading interactive voice and motion controls, outstanding Full HD 3D picture quality and innovative audio, the Samsung UE46F8000 Full HD 46″ LED 3D TV is undeniably the ultimate 21st-Century home entertainment hub.

Samsung’s new S Recommendation technology with voice interaction suggests what’s new to watch based on your viewing history, it intelligently learns your preferences and the more TV you watch the smarter it gets. All you need to do is ask the TV to find you something to watch using natural language and it will instantly search Live TV, video on demand and apps to find suitable content matching your request. Samsung’s Smart Hub provides immediate access to all your favourite shows via the ON TV Screen and cleverly organises and manages your content into five panels – On TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social and Apps. The intuitive interface uses easily recognisable thumbnails for instant previews to help you choose. Samsung’s Smart Evolution technology enables you to completely upgrade your TV in line with new technologies in terms performance, features and content keeping your TV bang up to date for a fraction of the cost of a new TV!

With the Samsung F-8000 TV‘s market-leading 2nd-generation voice and gesture control, you can play games and control the TV in a whole new way. Use motion control to take charge without pushing a button. Switch channels and volume level, swipe though Smart hub panels and seize content as with any smart mobile device. New two-handed gestures recognise natural movements to enable image zooming and rotation, making it easier and more fun to share photos. Voice control offers all-new interaction using straightforward natural language via the Smart Touch Remote. Control the TV, run apps or combine it with S Recommendation for a completely personalised experience – ask for something to watch and receive recommendations based on actors, titles or genres!

Four speakers pair with Dolby Digital Plus / Pulse, DTS Studio Sound and DTS Premium Audio 5.1 for 40 W of jaw-dropping, cinematic sound that will put you in the centre of the action. Two 10 W speakers unite with two 10 W subwoofers to send chills up your spine as studio-quality soundtracks resound and a wide sonic landscape expands around you. And if you need more volume, enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity with   Samsung’s range of compatible Soundbar and Docking solutions through SOUNDSHARE which easily synchronises your TV via Bluetooth to your chosen device. Built-in WiFi and Ethernet permit you to go online in comfort with the full web browser, update your Facebook and Twitter pages or access nearby DLNA Samsung compatible mobile devices. Enjoy swift internet and app response times, simultaneous Skype calls and viewing, and during-TV app usage. The Samsung App Store holds all the TV apps you’ll ever need. Smart View turns your Samsung-compatible smartphone or tablet into a second TV screen via your home network. Take programmes with you on your device or watch a different channel to the main TV by selecting a different source in the app. Allshare lets you stream and share music, photos, movies and other multimedia directly to your TV. It’s equipped with Cloud technology, so you can upload content to a central web storage account to access anywhere.

(4) B & W Bike Box

Bike Box

Top Features of the B and W Bike Box

A rugged, wheeled hard case for safely transporting your bike on flights and and extended tours. The B&W bike box features a tough ABS shell, padded wheel bags and an aluminium frame for robust protection wherever you travel.

  • Accessories included with this case are:
  • 2 padded wheel bags with internal pockets
  • Bike fork spacers
  • Tough foam chain-ring guard
  • Reinforced security strap with attached luggage label
  • Fits easily into most saloon or hatchback cars
  • External dimensions: 1150 (base), 850 (top) x 870 x 295mm
  • Internal dimensions: 1080 (base) 780 (top) x 800 x 250mm
  • Weight: 9.9kg
The bike box is made from strike-proof ABS moulded around an aluminium frame. The internal walls have thick foam padding and 4 quick release straps to hold you bike frame and wheels in place. The shell is double thickness around the 4 wheels on the bottom corners for added strength. The wheels are free running with reinforced axles. There are 4 locks which are flush fitting as well as a fixed velcro strap for added security and 3 strengthened hinges. There is a carry handle on the top and a spring loaded pilot handle on the side, which make the case very easy to move around. Should you need to, the wheels are easily replaceable, this is an added feature of the B&W bike cases. They can just be un-screwed and replaced, alot of other cases are fully moulded, and if the wheels are damaged, the case needs replacing.

The bike box suits all frame sizes, although beyond 24″ you’ll probably need to remove the seat post. (Not suitable for full suspension bikes – use a bike case instead.) This box offers great protection to your bike and we are not aware of any instance of a bike being damaged while packed inside one. However, if subjected to very rough handling, the box itself may sustain damage. This is the fault of the baggage handlers, not of the box. If this happens, you will need to make a claim against the airline or your travel insurance.

(5) Robomow


Save your back

It can be hard mowing your lawn when your having problems with your back, it becomes a painful chore, and can have serious knock on effect as you twist and turn adapting the way you move to avoid that painful twinge. Ultimately you’ll need to to tackle the root problems, but in the mean time this is an ideal solution to reduce the strain you put on your back.

Save your time
For those that struggle to find time between work, home and play, these robotic mowers can completely free up your time throughout the glorious summer, and you can quite literally forget about mowing your lawn forever.

Robomow Robotic Mower

Set Up
We offer a service to local customers where we come along peg the wire out, set the mower up, and get it going, while you have a cup of tea. Due to the way the mower cuts, we can get the set up 99% right, but you may find little sections around perimeter where the mower has just missed, these little adjustment can easily be done by yourself or a friend, and we’ll show you how to do it during the day. This is a chargeable and varies according to the proximity to our Amersham Store.

If you want to give it ago yourself, you are provided with an instructional DVD, ruler to messure the distance from the edge of your lawn, and a starter pack of pegs and wire, all you need is a rubber mallet.

Once you’ve peg out the wire, you’ll need to conect it to the perimeter switch that send a small current around the wire, which the mower detects. Its the electro magnetic field that the wire generates that keeps the mower mowing within the wire.


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