Training Opportunity – Killing two birds with one stone!!

A week of work gave me ample opportunity to catch up that ever growing list of jobs one of which being my Prius needed its annual MOT. The renewal has caught me out in the past as there is no reminder system in place and you can easily let it expire and be driving around illegally running the risk of a £2500 fine.

The Prius was booked in for 12 noon for a one hour slot which effectively messed up the day. My choice is to take it to a main Toyota dealership because of the ‘hybrid system’ and my concern that your average garage will void the seven year hybrid warranty – if they start messing about with it. Given I also wanted to increase my run millage and also start som bike training I decided to incorporate this into the day.

Click the pictures bellow to enlarge…….

Belper to Derby by car (for its MOT) – Run back

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 09.34.14

Belper to Derby by Bike (to collect the car) – drive back

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 09.32.35


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