Summer Holiday Time – Yippppppeeeee


Lake Annecy, France

I am really impressed with the organisation of this company and the schedule is very impressive. The Blog will be updated on a daily basis whilst away…..hopefully! 


The Schedule


Swim Training


Angon Beach

Meet Christine Hemphill (Professional Triathlon Coach) and Pip Watkins (organiser) at the beach hut entrance to Angon Beach (opposite hotel) at 09h00 for 2-3 hours swim training. Christine has all your information. In case of problems please call the AitA team on 06 19 77 52 74

Please bring swimming costumes / trunks, goggles, swimming hat and wetsuits (triathlon swimming wetsuits – the lake is warm enough to swim without but it is good to train for your triathlon in the gear you would be wearing for a race) 



Angon Port

Walk towards Talloires from your hotel and the next turning on the left (after the beach turning) is down to Angon Port (and nice restaurants). Head down the road to the lake, turn right on reaching the lake, walk 20m to the kayaking and ask for John Pierre. You can go any time and have one hour in 2 kayaks (one double / one single). Please take swimming costumes and a towel. In case of problems please call the AitA team on 06 19 77 52 74




Doussard, Location TBC

Meet FBI Canyoning team at local campsite (exact location tbc on Sunday morning) and head out to the Montmin Canyon. It is the best in the area and quite exhilarating. All equipment is provided for you. You need swimming gear (for under your wetsuit) and an old pair of trainers for the canyon plus a towel for afterwards. In case of problems please call the AitA team on 06 19 77 52 74

Via Ferrata


Thones, Location TBC

Meet Jean Michel at Thones (exact location TBC), which is approximately 45 minutes drive for the Via Ferrata. It is a great Via Ferrata with amazing views of the Aravis region. John Michel speaks good English and is a Mountain Guide. All the equipment is provided for you but you need a good pair of trainers and shorts / t-shirt (plus wet weather gear if the forecast is not good). It is worth taking a pack-lunch with you as well. In case of problems please phone Jean Michel on 06 81 38 73 46.

To get to Thones, turn right out of the hotel, go past Talloires, up the hill towards Menthon and at top of the hill turn right to the Col de la Forclaz or Col de Bluffy. Keep going up the hill and after about 5 minutes turn left to Bluffy. Go over the col and through Bluffy, at other side of the village (when you reach the T-junction) turn right towards Thones. Follow road, go over 2 roundabouts (past the village of Alex) and meet main road to Thones; follow all the way in to the town. 


White Water Rafting


Franceraft, Base de Loisirs, Aime 

Aime is approximately 1hr 30 minutes (on a bad day) from the Hotel. You need to be at the rafting by 0845 so it is an early start. You need old pair of trainers and swimming costumes, plus towels, as per the canyoning. There is a great café there for after the rafting. 

To get to Aime, turn left out of hotel and head towards Doussard. At the roundabout turn left towards Faverge or Albertville. Follow this road for approximately 30 minutes until you reach Albertville. At second roundabout (by MacDonalds) turn right and then at the next roundabout, right again towards Moutiers (you are now on the motorway). 

Follow road signs to Annecy and then to Albertville. Take N90 from Albertville to Moutiers. Head over viaduct in to Moutiers and take left hand lane to go to Bourg St Maurice. Go through the tunnel and then follow the N90 through valley towards Bourg St Maurice.

Keep going towards Bourg St Maurice, go through a tunnel and you come out on to a large viaduct. At the end of the viaduct turn off the road and follow the signposts to CENTRON, BASE DES LOISIRS. This means you turn back on yourself and go half way back along the viaduct before turning off to the left and heading down towards the Base des Loisirs. 

Turn right in to the Base des Loisirs area and Franceraft is on the right. Ask for Cara on arrival and call her if any problems 06 09 54 06 18



All Day

Bredannaz, nr Doussard 

The bike hire centre is at Bredannaz, literally opposite you across the lake. To get there, take the car and drive towards Doussard, turning left out of your hotel. At the Doussard roundabout, turn right towards Annecy. In case of problems please call the AitA team on 06 19 77 52 74

Drive down the lake road for about 10 minutes and you come to the little village of Bredannaz. Turn left at the traffic lights and left again, following the road up behind the village. The bicycle hire place is on your right after about 500m. The bikes are booked in your name for the whole day. NB Please take your passport or ID to use as the security deposit for the bikes (they are safe). 


09h00 / 14h00
France Raft, Aime

As per Wednesday! 

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