The new ‘Roomba’

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for quite a while now and a number of companies have given them a go. However, just as Hoover has come to be an everyday word for a regular vacuum cleaner, there’s one company that has managed to become synonymous with robot vacuum cleaners and that company is iRobot. Or more specifically that product is the Roomba. 

Check Out their Website

Roomba features include in-built escape behaviour so it can free itself from electrical cables and rug tassles, it can detect objects ahead and drops to ensure it wont fall down the stairs. Roomba’s light touch bumpers wont damage your furniture and will remember where furniture is and avoid next time. We conveniently place the charging base under our settee so when finished ‘Nigela’ (I named her after the ‘domestic goddess’) hides away so you can’t even see her. The best part is that you can schedule the cleaning up to seven days in advance so the cleaning is done whilst you are at work. We have had hours about six months and with the new, white, laminate floor throughout…and a black dog…. she is worth her weight in gold!!!



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