Road Trip

Ollie has been asking for months that we let him go to Derby, from Belper, with his ‘mates’. To date, we have found excuses to deny him the experience. Saturday, however, Heather had to work so she dropped me and Ollie in Derby. It was then Ollie’s job to ‘find his way home by bus’. I promise you I gave him no help and if we ended up in Long Eaton then the price to pay was a lesson well learnt.


Following several circuits around Westfield he eventually found the signposts for the bus station. Secretly I was hoping he would mess this one up – I was wrong. He strolled into the new bus station which looks very similar to East Midlands Airport departure lounge. The first thing he saw was a huge LED Screen with a list of destinations. (See pic) Dad….Dad…Belper 11.20am …….bay 20 …….we have one minute…….RUUUUNNNNNN.
Unfortunately, as he realised later, the ‘Belper Estates’ bus doesn’t quite get us back home….the 2 mile walk was good for us however. Various pictures from the ticket he asked for, he also ordered mine, the actual bus route to various random pictures on route.



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